About us

We are creative freaks who believe in expression of thoughts…but in our style!! Apple products are our poison…quite literally…
The transition from owning an Apple product to getting a feel of “My Mackbook/My iPad/My iPhone” is achieved with the awesome intervention of Macmerise
Our varied range of cases, skins & decals are not meant to make your iPhone/iPad/Mac look different from the rest…no ways… but to express your individual personality and add that zest!!!
Well we love our designs, but we love it more when we extend our services to customize and *make your designs come true* !!
Macmerise is proud to announce its awesome tie up with the biggies Disney & Marvel Comics such that you can now have your favorites Ironman, Spiderman, Avengers, Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America etc artworks of Mickey, Minnie, Donald etc on your iPhone/iPad/Macbook
Who , When , Where & How ?
Well the promoter, Sahil Shah, a self proclaimed Apple fanatic, was itching to do something related to Sir Jobs Paradise…
Eureka occurred when his cousin Pathik Shah gave him an idea to make his macbook look different!!! He believed that Macbook is perfect the way it is….but perfection is boring anyways…Lets add some decal to our pristine gadget and make everyone go yoooooo!!!!!
After tasting immediate success Sahil decided to extend these crazy experiments for iPad/iPhones and.........Voila !!!! Everyone went berserk with the latest additions and Macmerise officially became the hub for the razzmataz cases, skins & decals for Apple products.
So brilliant idea…check…
Brand name: Macmerise…check
Creative decals…check….
Ubercool skins...check 
Beautifully Desined Cases...super check
Crazy Innovation...checking by every second !!