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About Us


At Macmerise, we believe in giving the gadgets a distinct identity. We believe that apart from the functional benefits that tech accessories offer, they can also act as a medium to express one's personal style. All phones of a selected model look the same. It’s the case/cover that acts as a differentiator. Each product, under our range of personalized accessories, is designed to serve this purpose.

We make products, which our customers take pride in. We stay true to our tag line..."doing the same differently.”

We love designs and believe that superior design aesthetics can make a product look different and fashionable, while ensuring its durability and longevity. At the heart of our organization, we truly believe in providing customers a memorable experience. We deploy conscious efforts to ensure that every customer truly gets MACMERISED!


We make the coolest Phone Cases (Covers), Laptop Skins, Macbook Decals, Power Banks, Headphones, Wireless Chargers, Glass Screen Protectors, Gaming Console Skins, Pen drives, Magnetic Air Vent, etc for your gadgets. We are constantly expanding our product line both vertically and horizontally. Our products can be broadly categorized in 6 categories.


The line pretty much sums up the vibe of brand Macmerise and its team.

Each of our product, communication and interaction with customers exudes this philosophy.

We are offbeat, both in our thoughts and in our actions. Thus, we strongly advocate the projection of electronic accessories as an extension to one’s individuality (be it in terms of style or attitude). Through our products, we have tried to revamp customers’ outlook towards electronics accessories.

We are the first ones to get licensing, prominently in the mobile case segment, as we believed in bringing the concept of original licensed merchandise in India for our category

Having a strong association with stalwarts like Disney, Marvel, Lucas Films, Warner Bros (DC Comics) Universal, ICC etc to name a few, we have tried to revamp the outlook that customers had towards electronics accessories.

We like to call ourselves artists, as we invest all our energies in creating that one design that will blow your mind away and leave you Macmerised !!