June 08, 2018

With the oversized Infinity Gauntlet and its infinite power, Thanos erased half of the existing universe. Even though Thanos so overpowered right now, he has been defeated by other characters by battle or by trickery. Here are the top ten characters who defeated Thanos in the comics.

1. Drax the Destroyer

He might be a Kratos look-alike, but Drax the Destroyer is capable enough to end Thanos life with his blades. His sole purpose is to actually kill Thanos. However, to no one’s surprise, Thanos was seen coming back to the comics after the annihilation event.

2. Adam Warlock

When Thanos collected all the Infinity Stones, Adam Warlock leads the assault against the mad titan. The story is a rather long and complicated one. To cut the story short, Adam Warlock somehow managed to defeat Thanos.

3. Galactus

In another alternate universe, Thanos has changed for the better. However, Galactus is not buying all of it and thought Thanos is just lying. In the end, Galactus killed the Mad Titan.

4. Deadpool

Thanos vs Deadpool, well, it was because of a weird love triangle. Death was kidnapped by Eternity and the two joined forces to free her. Death granted them the power to fight Eternity. Thanos tried destroying Eternity once and for all while Deadpool tried to stop him but was thrown inside Eternity where he received a power to fight against the Mad Titan. In the end, Thanos was defeated, and that’s a weird one.

5. Thor

After gathering the elimination stone and other artifacts, Thanos went to Thor for a face-off. Thanos managed to bring Thor in a tough spot. However, when it seems like he’s about to deal the finishing blow, Thor revealed the magical armor which kept Thanos from winning.

6. Doctor Boom

In a yet another alternative dimension, Doctor Doom absorbed the Beyonder’s power and became the most powerful being in the universe. Of course, Thanos being Thanos, he tried to take away the power and own it. However, Doctor Doom reduce him to skeletons in seconds.

7. Captain Marvel

Being the defender of the Earth, Captain Marvel faced Thanos on more than one occasion. The two became arch-enemies, trying to defeat each other several times. However, the good always wins, and Captain Marvel was defeated. Even after his death, Thanos faced Lord Marvel, Captain Marvel’s evil version in which, he also lost.

8. Thane

Thane is half Inhuman that is very powerful even in young age. One of his abilities is to encase an opponent in an amber-like substance that traps the foe in a living-death state. This is how he defeated Thanos, which is in fact, his father.

9. Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl might not be likely one of the characters who defeated Thanos, but she did. The fight here was not shown, just the aftermath of the battle. In the end, Squirrel Girl can’t even believe that she managed to defeat Thanos himself.

10. Lockjaw

This inhuman royal pet isn’t as powerful as the Thanos, but he sure knows how to deal with the mad titan. Lockjaw has the ability to send someone in great distances in a blink of an eye. So when the Mad Titan appeared and started rampaging for the Infinity Stones, Lockjaw sent him far away, where he won’t be able to rampage anymore.

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