May 11, 2020

Marvelous Mothers

Do superheroes really exist is always a mystery but supermoms certainly do.
Like Queen Hippolyta said,
In a world of ordinary mortals,
You are a wonder woman.
Mothers are Marvelous and they macmerise us in a million ways.
"My father doesn't know everything."
"Don't let him hear you say that."
While Thor was talking to his mom about his father not knowing everything,
Frigga was always the saviour mom to her beloved child.
Having a working life beyond 9 to 5, Mothers have always proven to be the strongest of people (of course our beloved dads too). Its a challenge mothers live up to very well with a beautiful smile.
Right from the time when we were kids, they have encouraged us to do our best. Their day starts with switching off the fan so that we finally get off the bed,
packing hot lunches for school, college or office,
calling us to ask if we had our meals on time and were okay
 to the point where she puts a blanket on us when we're fast asleep.
We all have dozed off in the living room couch and magically appeared in the bed when we were kids is one of the favorite mommy superpowers.
This time the challenge has been bigger than usual and this time mothers have to unleash their full potential.
In these hard times of covid19 mothers are bound to manage all the household chores, manage their kids and sometimes their husband too :p
Mother always asks their children to learn how to cook and they never take it seriously but thanks to video calls nowadays, moms are always with us.
They are certainly fighting against all odds in this quarantine.
Its beautiful how a mother recently gave birth to a child,
Some sadly even lost their lives while fighting with the spirits to save their new borns.
Mothers are known to be the most powerful beings in the universe and all of its nine realms.
From Frigga, Thor's mother to The Amazon Queen, Wonder Woman's mother to the mother who gave birth to us.
Mothers are greater than any other superhero because she has all the powers of the world combined.
Making lunches as fast as the flash, protecting us from evil like wonder woman and is the captain of the entire house like captain marvel and when we loose our precious bottles in school and office she becomes the hulk as well.
When a child is born, a mother is born!
A mother who knows everything. She can always find all the things we ever lost :p
This world is a better place because of our mothers who teach us how to keep mother earth happy.
Hats off to our supermoms who tolerate our crazy generation.
Mothers are like flowers of a garden,
Each one is unique and lovely in their own beautiful way and they never cease to inspire us!
A very happy Mother's day to the Angels god sent to us!

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