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iPhone XR Phone Cases & Mobile Covers

Macmerise Sleek Case
Macmerise Silicone Case
Macmerise Neon Sand Case
Macmerise Lumous LED Case
Macmerise Eco-ver

Buy iPhone XR Cases & Covers Online

India’s Best iPhone XR Phone Cases Only on Macmerise.com

Smartphone purchase is a result of lots of deliberation on various parameters. There's a whole industry devoted to mobile covers & back cases.

Aside from the pattern, there are a few factors to decide upon, including protection, design, and material used. We go to the supermarket with the intention of buying something specific, but we end up buying something completely different from what we had expected.

What is the first thing you do when you buy a new phone XR? You want to buy the Apple iPhone XR phone case. We present to you a wide range of cases. At Macmerise you get it all.

iPhone XR Sleek Case - A slim and light hard case, with a lifelong warranty on pattern. It is for those who like fancy phone cases.

iPhone XR Silicone Case - Our silicone cases feature a velvety silicone exterior and shock-absorbing microfiber on the inside to protect the back glass panel. For the fan in you of rich colours, our silicone covers are it.

iPhone XR Neon Sand Case - The amazing Neon effect of our Neon Sand covers accentuates the fluorescent sand with glow in the dark effect and has a waterfall property that moves the sand to opposite corners when shaken.

iPhone XR Lumous LED Case - It will literally light up at the push of a button with our patented technology which makes an element of the design to glow.

iPhone XR Extreme Case - We present to you Macmerise Extreme cases solving clumsy hand problems. These cases come with an engineering that protects your phone from impacts.

iPhone XR Eco-ver Case - The Eco-ver mobile covers are made from high-grade bamboo and are completely biodegradable, with the focus of reducing waste.

So Why Macmerise Cases For Your iPhone XR?

You're special, with your own unique attitude and tendencies. We are confident that you can find everything you require to make your online shopping experience both overwhelming and memorable.

Macmerise guarantees that all device covers are of top end and strong. If you doubt that the covers are bulky we can assure you that it is not.

Back Cases for the iPhone XR have been carefully designed. The materials used are durable and last a long time. The first-class content used has the highest level of protection possible for a device.

Key Features of iPhone XR Phone Cases & Mobile Back Covers

  • Wireless charging (silicone cases, leather cases, extreme cases)
  • Open bottom construction (sleek cases).
  • Raised front bezel for screen protection. (lumous cases, eco-ver cases)
  • Drop protection (extreme cases)

pick from the finest designs and patterns. Also, get the product delivered for free anywhere in India!

iPhone XR Phone Cover Designs are Assured by Macmerise

The best feature of our latest iPhone XR mobile case collection for you is the stunning style. You'll hunt down the exact piece that reflects your personality. Enable your smartphone to create a stunning statement. Allow it to help you with increasing your wow factor.

iPhone XR Licensed Back Cases and Designs

We don't follow in the footsteps of others; instead, we build something new. Macmerise created each concept for the iPhone XR mobile back covers. from the ground up.

Our design choices have been supported and influenced by a number of well-known foreign and public brands, including Garfield, Marvel and many more.

This is the perfect time to choose the one you require since we have something for all. If you have any other concerns? Don't be concerned.

Buy stylish iPhone XR mobile phone cases for girls & boys at ideal price in India. Check out our set of mind-blowing mobile back covers of iPhone 12 Pro Max cases, iPhone 12 phone cases, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 12 Mini cases, iPhone SE 2020 cases, iPhone XS cases and iPhone X cases.

We've created an FAQ for the iPhone XR Phone Cases


Will the iPhone XR Back Case look massive after being cased in a lumous LED case?

No, that is not right. They are smooth and lightweight enough to fit in your pocket because they are compact and made of very good quality plastic. If you have your iPhone XR in your bag, the Macmerise Sleek Case is a better option.

Will the print on the iPhone XR phone case wear off?

One of the main factors to purchase the Macmerise iPhone XR casese is the High Definition patterns. these prints in your hands, they seem to be live-like and allow your ideas to take shape in your hands.

How much protection is provided by the iPhone XR Back Cover to the main camera from damage?

The iPhone XR cases have a high corner around the rear camera unit to create a distance between the lenses and the surfaces.

Do the iPhone XR Silicone cases support wireless charging?

Without a doubt. It supports fast wireless charging without removing the case.

Can the cases break easily?

No, all the cases are made from durable materials.

Is the protection given by iPhone XR cases sufficient?

Yes, the cases are made from durable materials and come with a raised lip around the screen.