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We choose a smartphone based on a few factors. Similarly, when it comes to smartphone covers, there are a number of parts to consider, including quality, content, and appearance. We usually end up purchasing something we don't like. Allow us to assist you in finding the best iPhone XS cases in India. Shopping on the internet has never been more pleasant.

Timeless look while still providing maximum security. Simply order your mobile case from Macmerise.com, a one-stop shop with a beautiful range of shockproof and rugged phone cases and covers that are also compatible with wireless chargers. Various types are available.

iPhone XS Sleek Case - With a lifetime warranty, a hard case with matte finish prints is available. In this section, we have over 601 designs for you to choose from. It's compatible with wireless charging.

iPhone XS Silicone Case - It's made of high-quality silicone and comes in a variety of shiny colours. The charging port is easily accessible thanks to the open bottom construction.

iPhone XS Neon Sand Case - Silky side cover is included. It comes with non-toxic, glow-in-the-night sand. A hard back is placed on top of the sand enclosure.

iPhone XS Lumous LED Case - The inbuilt LED will last up to 300,000 clicks, bringing superhero logos to life.

iPhone XS Extreme Case - We present Macmerise Extreme cases to combat the issue of "dropping phones." These cases have a technology that protects the devices from drops, as the name implies.

iPhone XS Eco-ver Case - It's made of high-grade bamboo and is fully biodegradable. It is both environmentally friendly and protects your phone.

So why Macmerise for your iPhone XS?

Our top priority is to put the customer first. Each individual has their own personality, preferences, and dislikes. We strive to make your online shopping experience more fun by ensuring that you find exactly what you're looking for. We make certain that all of our smartphone cases/covers are of good quality and can last a long time. Despite using high-quality materials, we make sure that the cases/covers are lightweight.

The iPhone XS phone cases are expertly crafted. The ultra HD prints are long-lasting and robust. The high-quality materials ensure your phone's protection while remaining lightweight and slim.

Key features of iPhone XS Phone Cases & Mobile Back Covers

  • Fast Wireless charging (all cases)
  • Open bottom construction (sleek cases, silicone cases)
  • Raised front bezel for screen protection (neon sand cases, lumous cases, eco-ver cases)

Choose from a large collection of the finest patterns and designs. We provide free delivery across India.

Designs of iPhone XS Phone Cover Assured By Macmerise

Neon sand, eco-ver, and other iPhone XS cases are available. They come in a variety of colours, so you'll be able to find one that perfectly matches your personality. You can make a fashion statement with our phone cases. It takes on the form of a reflection of who you are.

iPhone XS Licensed Mobile Back Cases & Designs

We don't copy; instead, we build goods from scratch. At Macmerise, each concept for iPhone XS accessories is certified from a variety of foreign and national brands, including Masaba , Coca-Cola, Graphic India, Marvel and many others, who have inspired our beautiful range of designer and high-quality phone cases.

At the best price, order trendy and designer iPhone XS phone cases for girls and boys in India.

It’s time to choose the case you want, because we have something for everybody. Is it Funky, Artistic, ornate or Muted.

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Always having trouble finding the ideal case? Here are some frequently asked questions about iPhone XS smartphone events.

FAQs iPhone XS Phone Cases & Covers

Will the iPhone XS appear bulky after being put in a Neon Sand case?

No, since the covers are lightweight and made of a thin material that keeps them slim and pocket-friendly. Macmerise Sleek Cases are recommended if you frequently carry your iPhone XS in your pocket.

Is the security these iPhone XS back cases provide adequate?

Definitely, because of the raised front rim, all of these iPhone XS designer cases are sturdy, long-lasting, and offer extra protection around the edges. They're made of a grippy material that keeps them from slipping and damaging your system.

Will the sleek case's style lighten after a certain duration?

The High Definition and Razor-Sharp Prints are one of the main reasons why people buy the Macmerise iPhone XS Back Cover. These prints are precise, and when you rock them, they look magnificent. In your hands, the concept will come to life.

Do the iPhone XS mobile covers crack the phone's glass back?

The iPhone XS's glass back is protected by a shock-absorbing covering on the inside of the phone cases.

Do the iPhone XS covers protect the primary cameras from impact and damage?

The bezel surrounding the camera on all iPhone XS cases are elevated creating a distance between the camera lenses and the surfaces.

Do the iPhone XS leather cases support Wireless Charging?

Obviously Yes. It mediates fast wireless charging. The case is made such so that wireless charging can happen through it.