Now when we look back it is hard to believe that a business idea could actually stem out of a funny conversation between two gizmo freak brothers. So the story goes like this, one fine evening both of them were having a chat about ordering a Macbook decal from the US and how the shipping charges would turn out to be more expensive than the product itself.

Knowing Sahil who is a self-confessed Apple worshipper, he would not have led that discussion end there, so he went back home and googled his heart out about the know-how of making a decal and within a week he made one for his Macbook which turned out to be pretty darn good !!!

Slowly the word started spreading amongst all his Macbook user friends and Sahil thought that it’s time to start Macmerise in a small yet serious way….

What on earth does Macmerise mean?

Soon everybody around started hunting for names for a company which makes decals (stickers in a layman’s term) for Macbook….

The core idea that we wanted the customer to feel is that this decal will give the perfect makeover to your Macbook and will make it look magnificent….

Wait!!! We thought lets name it Macnificent….Naaah…Macmerising (mesmerizing your Mac) sounds better….

No instead let’s make it a verb….. “Macmerise” sounds perfect!!!!

Pretty much how we got our name….and we love it!!!

Behind every Start – Up is your Home where it all began

It started in 2012 in the guest room of Sahil’s house where he had a small machine and one employee (read himself) doing just about everything. However being the only company to manufacture decals in India the orders gradually started increasing with each passing day.

The Big Plunge – Mobile cases

Almost every customer who bought decals from us asked us about phone cases and we also believed that the natural progression from decals/skins was Mobile cases.

But we didn’t want to be just any other mobile case brand….What we could do to be different amongst the rest?

Knowing how diverse and unorganized the segment is we wanted to be known as someone who did something different with Phone Cases….This belief also reflects in our tag line… “doing the same differently”!!!

Again Sahil, a self-confessed superhero fan boy decided to acquire the license of Disney and Marvel, thereby making Macmerise the first ever brand to venture into licensed Mobile Cases in India. 

Start – Up No More:

With phone cases there was no looking back. The business had now shifted gears and is expanding day by day. The hobby business had slowly found its own identity as a brand to reckon with.

The Essence of Macmerise:

Amidst all the madness that is happening currently as we spread our wings, Macmerise at its core believes that mobile cases are evolving to be “fashion accessories” and we treat them like one. They represent our style and mood on any given day. We stick to our basics in making our designs exclusive and unique. We are proud to address ourselves as a “Lifestyle brand” and this vision will remain constant as we climb higher on our journey.

Team Macmerise:

When you step into our office there are chances you will mistake it to be a college canteen. Yes we cant function without food….. The only difference is that at Macmerise we work with utmost sincerity, the ambience however is very college like. Our discussions are extreme, our giggles are extreme, our difference of opinions are extreme and our love and passion for Macmerise is extremely extreme

We would be more than happy to host you if you ever plan to visit us. We ll make sure you do get truly MACMERISED !!!