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Macmerise Selfie Lens helps you take better selfies & pictures with our 3-in-1 camera lens. The product includes a selfie LED light along with a wide angle and macro camera lens installed. It enhances the brightness levels and will give you the perfect lighting any time of the day and will be of additional benefit while taking pictures in the night or in darkness. Get rid of the worry of cutting out someone in a group photo by clipping on the 0.62X wide angle lens. Take ultra close-ups of smaller things which a regular phone camera cannot focus using the 20X Macro Lens. It comes with a USB charging Port. Macmerise Selfie Lens fits better on your device without cases on. With Macmerise Selfie Lens, your Photography Game will be on point like no one else.

  • ✔ Universal Removable Clip Design
  • ✔ .062X Wide Angle Range
  • ✔ 20X Macro Lens
  • ✔ 3 Levels of LED Light
  • ✔ Up your Selfie Game

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Macmerise Macmerise Selfie Lens

Secret hack to a pro photographer

Take better selfies with 3-in-1 camera lens that includes a selfie light with 2 brightness levels, along with wide angle and macro camera lens modes installed.

Macmerise Macmerise Selfie Lens

The sun may be gone but you can still shine !

Say goodbye to poor visibility in the dark! This selfie lens comes with an LED light along with 2 levels of brightness which gives you perfect lighting at any time in the day. So, no more worries if it’s already sunset and you still haven’t clicked a good picture

Macmerise Macmerise Selfie Lens Macmerise Macmerise Selfie Lens

Click happier #groupfies

With Macmerise Selfie wide angle feature you will not have to stress about cutting someone out in your epic #groupfie. Fitting all your friends in a photo after a party is not a problem anymore. We truly believe in “More the Merrier” philosophy

Macmerise Macmerise Selfie Lens

Capture Stunning Details like a Pro Photographer

With our Macro Camera Lens you can now photograph the smallest detail in an image and bring it to life in the truest sense of the word; something which a 4 camera lens phone also cannot achieve. Beat that !

Macmerise Macmerise Selfie Lens

Tech specs for tech freaks

  • ✔ 0.62X wide angle range
  • ✔ 20X macro lens
  • ✔ 3 level LED light
  • ✔ Comes with a USB charging port
  • ✔ Universal removable clip design