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Pair these with jeans for a cool street-style look or dress them up with tailored trousers for a refined apperance. You will be rocking both the outfits equally well. No doubt, men's oversized t-shirts have become the epitome of contemporary fashion. Not even the men, the feminine loves it too. Doesn’t matter if it belongs to the other gender, women love to steal and wear their man’s loose baggy t-shirts a little too much.

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1. Can skinny guys wear oversized t-shirt?

Yes, oversized t-shirts look good on skinny guys. Oversized drop shoulder tshirt men gives an exemplary look on skinny guys. You can wear it up on a simple weekending with your friends coming over or maybe run errands out side. At Macmerise, you get a lot of design options for oversized tees. Buy Macmerise’s men’s oversized t-shirts and flaunt it out anytime and everytime.

2. What body type looks good in oversized Tshirts?

Oversized tshirt can look good on all body types. The loose and baggy t-shirt provides a comfortable and effortless style. Whether you have a slender frame or a curvier figure, the loose fabric drapes well enhancing your whole look. at Macmerise as you shop on the oversized fits collection, you’ll understand how beautiful these t-shirts look no matter how you pair them with your bottoms and where you plan to wear at.