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Macmerise UV Sanitizer & Wireless Charger Bottomless

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Macmerise UV Sanitizer & Wireless Charger Bottomless is designed to achieve mobile sterilization for small and large objects which are otherwise difficult to disinfect with its Photon Wave UVC LED Disinfection Technology It offers creative Product Designs which enhances visual appeal; along with a harmonious integration of technology and nature. The inside of the box offers a large area to ensure the functional integrity of the object itself. The use of Strong UV sterilization enables to clean every corner with an effective disinfectant rate of 99.9%. Small objects can be easily sanitised by placing them directly inside the hollow area of the box. It’s no bottom shell design makes it extremely convenient to use just with start of the power bottom as there is no need to constantly open or close the box for impact. Another added feature is 15W Fast Wireless Charging which helps to charge your phones which support qi charging. The phone has to be placed with its screen facing up to start charging. This device is the perfect tool to combat and take your sterilization & charging woes away.

  • ✔ Kills 99.9% Germs
  • ✔ 15W Wireless Charging
  • ✔ Bottomless Box Design
  • ✔ Electromagnetic Field Protection

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