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Macmerise UV Sanitizer & Wireless Charger Classic

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Our gadgets like phones, watch, earphones and other objects like money, credit cards, that we come in maximum contact with on a regular basis need as much sterilization as our hands. Macmerise UV Sanitizer & Wireless Charger is launched to ensure maximum hygiene for all your necessary items Our high-efficiency UV Sanitizer kills germs on your smartphone with six Mercury-free UV-C lamps inside. It is also useful to quickly disinfect other items like masks, rings, watches and other accessories With a built in aroma therapy Diffuser all your items will come out fresh and fragrant after sterilization. Just put 2 drops of your favourite essential perfume oils inside the box in the circular area Steps To Use 1. Connect USB cable to product type-C interface. The square button stays on for 8 hours. 2. Sterilization: Place your device flat into the box so it can close securely. You have the option to select the duration of sterilization as: • 1st press: 1 minute sanitisation • 2nd Press: 5 minute sanitisation 3. After the sterilization process is completed the device will beep notifying us about the completion 4. Do not open the box when the sterilization is in process 5. The green light is on for 1minute/5 minutes until sterilization is complete. If this was not enough; this device also enables 15W Wireless Charging which works with all qi enabled smart phone. To use put the wireless supporting devices on top of the sanitize with the phone screen facing up. Both the process (sterilization + wireless charging) can happen simultaneously or individually as per your need and requirement. Breathe easy and relax knowing you finally have a device that cares about your phone as much as you do.

  • ✔ Kills 99.9% Germs
  • ✔ 15W Wireless Charging
  • ✔ Aromatherapy for your gadgets
  • ✔ 2 Sanitizer Modes
  • ✔ Radiant & Mercury Free

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