New Shades of Love

New Shades of Love

Valentine's Day is a time when people traditionally express their love for one another. It is a special occasion that marks a moment for everyone to celebrate the purity of love. Love is a powerful emotion that holds a special place in our hearts, and it is something that we all experience in different ways. It is often described as a feeling of strong attachment or connection to someone or something.

Love is a virtue, linked to compassion, kindness, and affection. It is often considered a positive emotion that can bring happiness and fulfillment to our lives.

However, it is not only limited to romantic relationships between two opposite genders. Love takes many different forms, and it is important to understand and appreciate the diversity of love in our lives.

The purity of love is something that is not bound by societal norms, it is a feeling that is unadulterated and pure, it is a feeling that connects us to the world and to ourselves.


Love has its shades and should not only be described as the bond between two individuals of opposite genders. It is beyond the intimacy a couple holds. It is more than the proposal that the 21-year-old just sent to her crush, and is much more than what the world thinks 'love' is. Love is a multi-faceted feeling, with many different shades and forms, each with its own unique characteristics and significance. It is important for us to understand and accept the diversity of love in order to live fulfilling and happy lives. As we celebrate Valentine's Day, let us remember that love takes many different forms, and it is something that can be experienced and shared in many different ways. It is important to embrace and appreciate all the different shades of love in our lives, as they all contribute to our overall well-being and happiness. So come forward to vision the different shades of love and support it a little more every single day. 


In that case, self-love stands to be the most prominent shade of love. It is a crucial aspect of our overall well-being. It involves valuing oneself, setting boundaries, and taking care of one's own needs. Love is extremely critical for maintaining mental and emotional health. Especially in today's society, where people are constantly bombarded with images of perfection and the pressure to conform to certain standards, self-love is more pertinent than ever.

Self-love is not about being narcissistic or self-absorbed, but about valuing yourself as a separate being. It is the foundation of self-esteem and self-worth, and it is essential for building healthy relationships with others. When we love ourselves, we are better able to love and accept others, and we are more likely to attract positive relationships into our lives. We become more resilient in the face of adversity when we start accepting self-love. It can be cultivated through various practices such as self-reflection, self-care, and self-compassion. It is important to take the time to get to know oneself, to understand one's own needs and values, and to take steps to meet those needs. This year, let us all fall in love with ourselves, and start engaging in activities that bring joy and pleasure to us. It can be anything, such as adopting our morning exercise routine, practicing hobbies, or spending time with our loved ones – all of these are a positive way to boost self-love. 


Love for animals is another form of love that many people experience. This type of love can be seen in the bond between a pet and its owner. This type of love brings joy, companionship, and a sense of purpose to those who experience it. For many people, their pets are more than just animals. They are members of the family. They provide companionship and comfort, and they can help to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Studies have shown that people who have pets tend to have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and less risk of heart disease. They also tend to have less stress, anxiety and depression because pets can cheer up anybody’s mood. 

Similarly, love in the workplace is also an imperative aspect of our lives. Positive relationships with colleagues can lead to a more productive and satisfying work environment. This type of love is not romantic in nature, but it is a vital aspect of building a fulfilling career, both individually and together as office partners.

Love between friends and family members is another significant form of love. This type of love is characterized by support, understanding, and mutual respect. It can be just as important as romantic love in providing a sense of security and belonging.

The purity of this love is something that is not tainted by societal expectations or personal gain. It is pure and selfless. It provides a sense of security and belonging, and it is just as important as romantic love in building a fulfilling life. A strong support system of family and friends can help us navigate the ups and downs of life, and it can be a source of comfort and inspiration.  


In conclusion of what this blog is about, Love is not just about intimacy between two individuals, or about a romantic bond between husband and wife. The care a mother shows for her far-flung son by sending him warm ghee-ke-laddus, is love. The money your father gives you whenever he drops you at the railway station, knowing the fact that you are now a self-dependent earning brat, is love. The smile you receive while talking to your long-lost childhood friend after years is also love. An untainted, pure form of love.

You, me, him, her - almost all of us hold the different shades of love in our lives. Almost all of us, somewhere, somehow, can say that we are part of a relationship that carries the purity, intimacy, and significance of some attachment with an individual being. Everyone in this world has a relationship that is not always romantic in nature, but is still very dear to their hearts. Each of these bonds brings its own unique characteristics and importance to our lives, and it is essential to recognize and nurture these relationships for as long as we are a part of it.

However, not everyone has the same way of acceptance. Some of us fearlessly accept it, while some of us are not sure of how to name the bond in public, or eve how to express it in the society out there.  

At Macmerise, we respect all kinds of attachments and all forms of love. And as we celebrate Valentine's Day this year, let us accept that love takes many different forms, and it is something that can be experienced and shared in many different ways too. Leaving behind the ignominy we have had so far, let us talk out loud of what our shade of love is. It is important to embrace and appreciate all of the different shades of love in our lives, as they all contribute to our overall well-being and happiness.

So, fearing nothing, join hands with us and come up with your stories covering the #newshadesoflove. Because it’s time we show others that there is no one-size-fits-all definition of love. Everyone experiences it differently and at Macmerise, we wish to honor that diversity by featuring your stories, your emotions, and your shade of love on our website. Write your heart out to us on what is your #shadeoflove and how do you name it, what significance it holds for you, how it all started and where has the bond taken you to and we are going to be more than happy reading it and even happier to share it with the world, via our platform.

Also, you get a chance to win some awesome love-striking goodies, as an appraisal from Macmerise, for the courage, confidence, and overall spunk you carried to bring out your story to the public. So, get up and hit us up with your shade of love today.

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Three Rumored iPhone 14 Colors Options to Look Forward to

Three Rumored iPhone 14 Colors Options to Look Forward to

The rumors about the new iPhone’s colors are already starting to flood the technology arena. This was bound to happen. Apple’s products promote themself without the company not having to lift a finger. Apple’s loyal users have been known to stay hungry and foolish, sticking to the words of the great founder of the company, Steve Jobs who attained cult status and continues to inspire many. The users remain hungry for new technologically advanced and creative products and foolish as in curious to understand and experience how Apple’s high-tech products work. One could say that Apple has a strong and dedicated fan following that can be foolish enough to pay the high prices that their products come at.

Joining the long line of extraordinary technological treasures is the iPhone 14. iPhone 14 will be launched in the next couple of months, but the speculations about its features have been going around since its predecessor's launch. iPhone 14 is the ‘it girl’ of phones and no one can say otherwise because it is true. It is said that the Pro models will carry a 48MP main camera and an A16 processor.

The new and improved features that Apple adds to its products have proved to be radically efficient and neat. The colors on the other hand have been known to attract and keep the attention of users and potential prospects. This time around with iPhone 14 and its Pro models, Apple is bringing back its subtle and sweet trifecta of Midnight (Black), Graphite (Gray), and Starlight (White).

White is the most notable color that has been associated with Apple as a brand. It is pristine and the smooth finish of the products adds character to them. Apple is stepping out of its comfort zone and diversifying by launching its latest products in bright and vibrant colors. iPhone 14 will be available in Purple along with Sierra Blue and Alpine Green which were recently added to the list.

Source: Forbes

The previous models such as iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 and their Pro options are available in Midnight, Starlight, Graphite, Gold, and Silver. Macmerise has a range of equally vibrant and attractive Mobile Phone Cases and Back Covers that complement Apple’s products.

iPhone 14 models are expected to be available in the same previously mentioned colors with a few more additions of Pink/Purple, Blue, and Green. Macmerise has got you covered, no matter what color you chose to go with, we got the right Mobile Phone Cases and Back Covers.

Midnight, Starlight, and Graphite have been consistently making rounds as the colors that made it to the roster, and Macmerise’s Phone Cases and Mobile Covers are the right choices. Macmerise is known for its quality and style. The Phone Cases and Back Covers are sturdy and can protect your device from involuntary drop tests and stray scratches.

Macemerise's Phone Cases are reliable and resilient. The cases are easy to clean as dust doesn’t stick and smudges and fingerprints can be wiped off with a soft cloth. The Phone Cases are designed to fit snugly on your device and prevent anything from getting in between.

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iPhone 14: 'Purple' is the new black! Check out these purple Macmerise silicone phone cases today.

iPhone 14: 'Purple' is the new black! Check out these purple Macmerise silicone phone cases today.

Apple remains to be one of the leading technology brands of all time. Manufacturing premium quality products since 1976, their products have set a high benchmark for all the other technology companies with professionalism unlike any other. Apple products are the most sought-after technological appliances.

Apple’s range of products is no secret. It stretches from Desktops, Macbooks, and iPhones to Watches, AirTags, and accessories. With sleek designs and undisputed functioning, everyone, tech enthusiast or not, eagerly waits for new product launches. Even though the price of these products is a bit on the higher side, the quality speaks for itself. Creating an ‘Apple Island’ has become the latest trend.

There are a lot of rumours flying around about the latest product from Apple. The sketch of iPhone14 was originally leaked on Baidu showing the schematics and the dimensions of the model, and what it would look like. Since then, more and more rumours about the model, technological system, and price being significantly higher than the iPhone13 series, have been coming out. For such esteemed products, we need accessories that have an equal performance rate. That’s where Macmerise comes in.

Macmerise predominantly specialises in cases and covers for electronic appliances also dabbling in Bluetooth speakers, apparel, and much more. Macmerise is rumoured to release new iPhone14 cases in purple and black. With uncompromised quality, these phone cases are highly durable and protect your phone against high drops and breakage in a variety of themes and colours. Lucky for you, until you wait for the new Apple merchandise, you can check their other purple cases available for all the iPhone models.

Macmerise Silicone Cases

Source: Macmerise

Silicone cases are all the talk right now. For our clumsy generation, silicone cases work the best. Macmerise provides iPhone13 ProMax Silicone Cases that are flexible and in a variety of solid colours. Its minimalistic design and sleek finishing give it a sophisticated look that requires much appreciation. These cases feature a liquid silicone exterior and shock-absorbing interior liner that protects your phone from harm. It is slim and lightweight and has protruding buttons for seamless functioning. It has raised front brezel for screen protection and features an open bottom construction for easy third-party access and is compatible with wireless chargers.

Macmerise Marvel Phone Cases

Source: Macmerise

Ever since the first release of Marvel Comics in 1961, Stan Lee has taken the world by storm. His fictional band of exceptional superheroes has time and time again saved the universe from all sorts of alien invasions and their possible annihilation. These characters are loved by the reader albeit flawed and that’s what makes them human. Even though there are disturbances among The Avengers, they always pull through to help those in need. Led by their Captain, Nick Fury, The Avengers have since flagged a home in the hearts of their readers. Macmerise, too, brings you iPhone13 ProMax Glass Cases with the same exceptional quality. These glass case covers come with soft sides and a high-quality gH tempered glass back. With ultra HD and razor-sharp prints, you too can experience the power of The Avengers.

Macmerise DC Phone Cases

Source: Macmerise

What began as a small daily comic strip by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, has now turned into a billion-dollar franchise by the name of DC Comics. Ever since the emergence of this fictional alternate universe, superheroes like Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman have saved the universe from outside invasion. Apart from their iconic superheroes, DC Comics consists of the Justice League, the Justice Society of America, the Suicide Squad, and the Teen Titans. The universe also features a large number of well-known supervillains such as the Joker, an iconic supervillain beloved by all, Lex Luthor, Cheetah, and Darkseid. Macmerise brings you a collection of DC Comics iPhone13 ProMax Glass Covers to soothe the superfan inside of you. Much like the strength and performance of the superheroes, these covers too, protect your device against the utmost harm.

Macmerise Camouflage Phone Cases

Camouflage is a timeless print that never fails to impress. This print is quite popular because of its association with armies and defence all over the world. Camouflage uses materials and colour patterns to achieve disguise in plain sight, mostly used in battlefield settings but has now gone commercial. It comes in various patterns and colours to satisfy the needs of all our colourful folks. Macmerise offers iPhone13 ProMax Camouflage Print Glass Covers with tough gH Tempered glass back and soft side panels. It provides overall fall protection and has a reflective back surface.

In addition to this exquisite range of products, look forward to iPhone14 merchandise that will be soon available only on Macmerise. They provide a promise of quality like no other.

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Feel the 'thunder' with our new Thor Collection!

Feel the 'thunder' with our new Thor Collection!

How amazing is the new Thor movie?! Thor: Love and Thunder is the whole package with action, romance, mystery, and special effects. Dr. Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, stole the show when her character was revealed as Mighty Thor who held Mjolnir. This newly joined Viking goes on a mission to slay Gorr, The God Butcher with Thor and Valkyrie’s ragtag team.

Gorr, at the death of his daughter, enters a lavish forest while awaiting his own death. Upon the mockery of god Rapu towards the suffering of him, his daughter, and his mates, he renounces Rapu as his god and throws away the medallion. The Necrosword emerges from his shadow and chooses Gorr as The God Butcher. He vows to kill all gods and sets off in the search of Eternity.

Source: CBR

The movie shows us the importance of love. When Gorr does find Eternity, Thor asks him to reconsider his wish. Etched with the grief of his daughter he asks Thor what kind of a father he would be if he did. Thor explains to him that it’s not revenge that he seeks but love. The movie ends with Gorr asking Eternity to revive his daughter, Love.

Love is a powerful emotion that can overcome all. Even a grief-stricken father who turns to evil for comfort overcomes his suffering through a simple act of pure love. Macmerise brings you Thor: Love and Thunder merchandise made with utmost love and affection. Feel the “Love” with their new collection of apparel, phone covers, Bluetooth speaker, mousepads, and much more.

Macmerise 'Thor' T-shirts

Source: Macmerise

These Macmerise’s officially licensed Marvel designer T-shirts are sure to catch everyone’s attention. Made with 100% cotton, these T-shirts provide superior fit, comfort, and ease. Even in humid temperatures, these T-shirts will keep you cool. The digital print technology makes each design stand out with its colour and vibrancy. Macmerise offers you an array of designs and colours to choose from. Feel the comfort of our supercool Thor merch!

Macmerise 'Thor' Phone Cases

Source: Macmerise

The Glass Case comes with a glossy 9h strong tempered glass back. This case is lightweight and yet protects your device shockproof to minor impacts and bumps. The rubberised TPU material gives it superior grip and protection by covering the phone effectively from all sides. The case is convenient to be used along with other accessories plugged into the phone and compatible with wireless charging. Feel the strength of the new Thor new merch with Macmerise!

Macmerise 'Thor' Headphones

Source: Macmerise

The Headphones have noise cancellation feature for uninterrupted listening experience. It also provides a built-in microphone for handsfree calling and bluetooth with minimum battery usage. They are lightweight and have self-adjustable ear-cups and headband for perfect fit and comfort and provide upto 10 hours of listening experience. You can also attach the aux cable and listen to music like normal wired headphones. It also features a Micro SD Card slot and built-in FM radio and are collapsible which makes them perfect for travel. To top it all, it comes in a variety of cool designs and colours for you to collect them all. Feel the true quality of music and the harmonious symphony of beats and words with Macmerise’s new Thor merch!

Macmerise 'Thor' Bluetooth Speakers

Source: Macmerise

Get ready to feel the thunder! The Melody Speaker can blast the roof off your home. They provide a 10m transmission distance and offer an unlimited play time of 4 hours. These wireless speakers come with 6W power and can be paired with all types of Bluetooth devices. It is compatible with iOS, Android & Windows and is water and dust-resistant. It is IPX7 and comes with an AUX Port, USB Port, TF Card Reader, and FM Receiver. These speakers are available in different designs and colours. Collect them all from Macmerise. Feel the thunder with Macmerise’s new collection of Thor Merch!

Macmerise 'Thor' Wireless Chargers

Source: Macmerise

As lightning as the thunder, these Macmerise official Thor-inspired wireless chargers will charge up your devices in a bolt !. We’ve made sure the thrill and adrenaline rush behind using this product doesn’t fade away. Just like our Thor, these chargers are also strong, better & thundering !.

Macmerise 'Thor' Coffee Mugs

One needs to be ‘worthy’ enough to even own a ‘Thor’ coffee mug. With this mug at your dispersal, we assure you that your morning coffee will charge you up for the day. Just like Thor, you will be unstoppable !. Imagine, carrying this coffee mug to the office everyday and flexing it to your colleagues. So cool !.

Hey, I think you forgot something…

To not let your lightning coffee go cold, you need a coaster !!!.

Fret, not why don’t you buy our ‘Thor Coasters’ and make it a pair.

If you’re a college student or a MCU fan there’s something more exciting and cool for you. Check out our new ‘Thor Sipper Bottles’.

It’s not only cool but also serves ‘cool water’ in it. Flaunt your MCU love anywhere and everywhere by carrying new water-bottles. Gone are the days when you used to carry those old plastic bottles, it’s time for an upgrade. We mean, a ‘Thor’ upgrade.

We know you can’t stop drooling over Marvel. It’s characters and the multiverses and to nurture your fan-love, Macmerise is working day and night to bring new and exciting Marvel merchandise to your doorstep!

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Flaunt your 'Thor love' on your coffee mugs, phone cases and t-shirts! Check out our official Thor merchandise today.

Flaunt your 'Thor love' on your coffee mugs, phone cases and t-shirts! Check out our official Thor merchandise today.

The latest addition to the Thor franchise, Thor: Love and Thunder is the continuation of an epic saga that sees our protagonist, Thor Odinson embark on a journey to find himself amidst the chaos of living life as a superhero. Thor: Love and Thunder tells the story of perseverance, tenacity, powers, love, and thunder.

Thor’s self-realisation journey is interrupted by Gorr, the God Butcher, a relentless maniac who will stop at nothing until all the gods are dead. Thor has to suit up again to save his friends from certain death. Thor joins forces with Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor to fight Gorr and save the day.

Thor: Love and Thunder explores Thor, the character as a vulnerable, humane, and charming Space Viking. After spending time saving the galaxy with the Guardian of the Galaxy, Thor must return to New Asgard where the trouble is brewing.

While Thor is busy protecting the Nine Realms, Macmerise is hard at work protecting your phone. Macmerise presents the official Thor: Love and Thunder merchandise! Macmerise is the official merchandise partner for Thor: Love and Thunder. Here’s your chance to show off your love for your favourite hero like never before with T-Shirts, Phone Cases, Coffee Mugs, and more!

Macmerise is offering an extensive range of Thor: Love and Thunder merchandise. Starting from T-Shirts, Headphones, Coffee Mugs, Mouse Pads, Sipper Bottles, Bluetooth Speakers, Wireless Chargers, and lastly the most awaited - Phone Cases.

Macmerise’s collection of Thor: Love and Thunder T-Shirts are made to stand out. They combine style and quality. The attractive design and the tough print are to die for. The designs have been originally sourced from the final cut of the movie and are enchanting to look at. The designs are sure going to have heads turning.

Thor: Love and Thunder merchandise includes an awesome collection of Coffee Mugs that are bound to give you the touch and feel of handling Thor’s weapons of choice - Mjolnir and Stormbreaker. The Coffee Mugs are tough and can put the mead mugs of Valhalla to shame. What are you waiting for?! Get your Coffee Mug now!

The Phone Cases are a whole other story. Macmerise’s Phone Cases are built to protect and serve your device. With Thor: Love and Thunder Phone Cases, your device is in the best hands. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Macmerise’s collection is unmatched in terms of design and resilience just like Thor.

Macmerise products are in many ways similar to Thor. They are the epitome of strength and are sworn to protect your gadgets with everything in their power. Macmerise’s products have quite the reputation for being tenacious and the watchful vigilante that is available at your service all the time. You can count on Macmerise to do the right thing.

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IPL 2022: From LSG vs KKR's eventful match to Kohli back in action

IPL 2022: From LSG vs KKR's eventful match to Kohli back in action

IPL 2022 just got interesting when the fans thought that this season was turning out to be a dud. The sole reason behind this was the amazing gameplay of Rinku Singh, KL Rahul & De Cock. But the most exciting and hopeful development this week was that our very own Kohli was back in form. This turnaround was equally shocking & exciting. Fans started to look forward to the next matches post this. Memers found this as the right opportunity to make jokes about & on everything surrounding it.

Match-1 : LSG VS KKR

Lucknow Super Giants beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 2 runs. LSG had a great start by winning the toss and electing to bat. Quinton De Cock played an aggressive game and helped LSG to set a good score for KKR. He kept smashing boundaries at intervals which made LSG fans go gaga over him throughout his innings.

Another major factor that helped LSG shine was Umesh Yadav bowling, dropping off his catch against de Cock. De Cock smashed it out of the park with 140* off 70 balls. Rinku Singh proved his mettle in this compelling match making him an instant noticed player. Fans loved this chap’s energy and gameplay and praised him for it. Despite his amazing 40 runs in 15 balls streak, KKR was found to be struggling to get stable in the game.

The end result was that they lost to LSG by 2 runs and Rinku Singh became the find of the season.

Match-1 : LSG VS KKR

Another compelling match that was a surprise one for all RCB fans was against Gujarat Lions. RCB beat GT by 8 wickets. Since the 15th TATA IPL 2022 is coming to its end with just 5-6 matches left fans had left hopes for Virat Kohli to be back in his original ‘avatar’ but the legend did surprise his fans worldwide by scoring 73 runs with a classic knock in the chase.

Virat and Faf duPlesis’s partnership proved to be a crucial one to make RCB win this important game. On the other hand, GT had to face defeat despite skipper Hardik Pandya winning the toss and opted to bat first.

Shubham Gill couldn’t create any magic and headed straight to the pavilion followed by Matthew Wade very soon. It was only Hardik Pandya who scored (62*) and helped Gujarat Lions to score 168/5 after 20 overs. David Miller (34) also played a vital role in helping GT to sustain for long. To add to that, Rashid Khan gave a smashing cameo at the end with 19* off 6 balls.

While these two matches were amazingly fabulous, memes were even more fantastic. Take a look:

Well, Mumbai Indians might be out of the playoffs and LSG climbing the points table, one thing is for sure that the IPL fever on Macmerise is raging till the very end of the season. While we still have a few matches before the finale, let’s forget whether you are a Delhi Capitals fan, Punjab King supporter, an ardent devotee of Rajasthan Royals or super fan of Sunrisers Hyderabad you can still shop for mobile covers, coffee mugs, laptop skins and flaunt your love for them !

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4 Macmerise AirPod Pro Cases that you must take a look at !

4 Macmerise AirPod Pro Cases that you must take a look at !

AirPods Pro by Apple has been the go to earphones to pair with iPhone amongst Apple users and some Android users. AirPods Pro is known to be a top of the line product offering a premium experience. It was launched in October 2019 and carries a heavy price tag of $249.

AirPods Pro is capable of noise cancellation, better sound quality, and an all round matchless design. It is similar in design to AirPods but is considered better in terms of comfort due to the silicone tips and fit. The silicone tips come in three sizes. AirPods Pro features active noise cancellation which has been made possible because of the uniquely positioned microphones and the use of advanced software that helps in adapting to each ear.

AirPods Pro comes in pristine white only although there were rumours that they might come in multiple colours. They are placed in an equally pristine white, sleek case that is ergonomically designed. The case is the charging station for the buds. The wireless charging case carries more than 24 hours of listening time and 18 hours of talk time. With just five minutes of fast charging, the AirPods Pro can handle an hour of listening time and about close to an hour of talk time.

The wireless charging case is responsible for a great deal. It becomes the user’s responsibility to take good care of the charging case. Since the charging case has a smooth finish and is easy on the fingers, it is susceptible to drops and stray scratches.

The best way to safeguard the charging case is with a protective case that covers it completely. Macmerise offers a beautiful range of protective cases for your AirPods Pro charging case. The protective cases are sturdy and long lasting. Macmerise products are known to maintain structural integrity under severe pressure as they exhibit toughness and quality.


Here are 4 Macmerise Air Pod Pro cases that will add to your style:

1. Silicone Cases

Silicone is the most versatile material in the business of protecting gadgets. Macmerise’s Silicone Cases for AirPods Pro are just as versatile when it comes to the range of colours that they are available in. Macmerise’s silicone cases have been crafted to fit your AirPods Pro charging case snuggly to protect it from scratches and ensure a safe landing when dropped. The silicone cases are available in a wide range of colours to cater to everyone’s needs. Most of the silicone cases are bright in colour and stand out, so you wouldn’t have to worry about losing them.

2. Leather Cases

Macmerise’s Leather Cases are made of vegan leather and are completely eco friendly. Macmerise’s leather cases are designed to match the exceptional quality of AirPods Pro. The case sits on your AirPods Pro firmly and the distressed texture ensures safety by providing a good grip. Macmerise’s leather cases are classy and elegant. The leather finish gives off an eccentric vibe. The leather case is perfect to pair with a casual look or even an old school cowboy. The case can be easily transformed into a keychain with the help of just a hook.

3. Superhero Cases

Macmerise offers an amazing range of Superhero Cases that is bound to leave you coming for more. No matter the fandom that you are into, Macmerise has it covered. Macmerise features official merchandise of both DC and Marvel. The quality of Macmerise’s products is unparalleled. From Captain America’s iconic shield to Spider-Man’s mask and Batman’s bat symbol, Macmerise has it all. Macemerise’s superhero range of AirPods Pro cases is designed to be as tough and durable as the superheroes they represent. They come equipped with a dedicated loop to be used for attaching a ring and be used as a keychain.

4. Eco-ver Cases

Macmerise understands the impact of the usage of plastic on the environment. The alarming rate at which global warming has reared its ugly head more so now than ever is only to rub the shortcomings of man in his face. Macmerise has taken active steps to reduce carbon footprint with the manufacturing of eco-friendly protective covers and cases. These eco-friendly covers and cases are manufactured using plant based material. It is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Macmerise’s Eco-ver for AirPods Pro is bamboo based and provides the best protection for your device. Eco-ver are sustainable yet rugged, capable of protecting your charging case from scratches drops. The starch based product is designed ergonomically and fits your device firmly to serve and protect.

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‘Cancel IPL’ trends on Twitter, starts a meme-fest on social media.

‘Cancel IPL’ trends on Twitter, starts a meme-fest on social media.

Twitteratis demanded to ‘cancel’ this IPL season after 4 Delhi Capitals physio Patrick Farhart tested positive for COVID-19 virus and later an unnamed player also tested positive for RT-PCR test.

COVID strikes the IPL matches

This resulted in delay for the team to reach Pune where they would play their next two matches against Punjab Kings and Rajasthan Royals on April 20, 2022 & April 22, 2022 respectively.

Following the COVID-19 terror, Delhi Capitals players and support staff were held back in Mumbai on 18th April.They will be allowed to travel to Pune to play their upcoming games only after two rounds of COVID-19 testing. The team have been tested negative in the first round of testing and would be travelling only when they test negative for the second time.

With cases on the continuous rise in the last 3-4 days, fans speculated that the 15th edition of IPL would be suspended just like its predecessor due to players being infected with the virus.

Last year, 4 IPL players were infected with the virus bringing a halt on the season midway. Later on, the remaining matches were undertaken in UAE in September-October.

However, the situation provided an opportunity for the fans and memers to start another hilarious banter. They’ve made complete use of this situation and made some really hilarious memes trolling each other.

Newly added teams Gujarat Lions and Lucknow SuperGiants are not in favour of cancelling the IPL season as their favourite teams are doing quite well on the points table whereas the fans of Mumbai Indians (MI) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are okay it being cancelled as this year the teams are not performing to the best of their abilities. Click here to enjoy some MI & CSK memes.

The ones that are more saddened with the cancellation possibility are RCB fans !. For the first time the team is performing quite well and they don't want to lose their chance to win the trophy.

Here are some hilarious memes out there:

IPL may or may not get cancelled but one thing should still be practised by every loyal fan- ‘supporting your favourite’ & Macmerise will help you do that. You can buy phone covers, coasters, wireless chargers, coffee mugs and laptop skins to show your support.

Head to and select your favourite team from the IPL section, select the choice of product from the list and flaunt your fan-love on your mobile phones, coffee mugs and more.

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RCB fans take a ‘fresh breath of air’ as MI & CSK become the ‘meme-favourite’ this season !

RCB fans take a ‘fresh breath of air’ as MI & CSK become the ‘meme-favourite’ this season !

IPL 2022 has become even more interesting with every passing day and what’s getting even more interesting are- ‘the memes’. Meme creators and meme pages have not missed any opportunity to give a ‘laughter dose’ to fans after the match. Be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter,IPL teams- Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings became the ‘meme material’ on the internet after an uncanny turn of events. Both the fandoms were quite surprised when their favourites lost 4 matches each and came to the bottom of the points table.

Actually both the teams lost their 4 opening matches this season and it came as a shocking event for the fans and both the opposite team fandoms started trolling each other over it. For the first time nobody made memes on RCB !

Mumbai Indians & Chennai Super Kings loses to Royal Challengers Bangalore & Sunrisers Hyderabad respectively

Despite playing the best of their game,Mumbai Indians found it difficult to stop the batsmen of Royal Challengers Bangalore with a below par score of 152 runs. The Bangalore-based franchise won the match in 18.3 overs giving away three wickets on Saturday.

Suryakumar Yadav's stunning 68* gave Mumbai's team hope but Anuj Rawat led the RCB with a landslide victory by scoring a half-century. Earlier in the day, CSK lost by seven wickets against Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH).

Having to face a rocky start for both beloved teams of the cricketing franchise, fans were highly disappointed. They did not expect big & winning teams like MI and CSK to lose at the same time

and with such poor performance. This led to hilarious banter among the supporters of both the teams on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Here are some hilarious memes that popular over the internet:

Source: RVCJ Media

Whatever might be the result, one thing is for sure that RCB fans had a blast while reading these memes and ROFL !!!. Teams will definitely rise to their original stature but this IPL bought a funny and unbelievable surprise for all !

Wait, there's one more surprise !!!!

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Mumbai Indians Owe Me A New Pair Of Headphones, Here Is Why!

Mumbai Indians Owe Me A New Pair Of Headphones, Here Is Why!

So yesterday it was the Rajasthan Royals that beat Mumbai Indians, this is something that has deeply cost me. The match was not a very high-scoring fiesta and the match ended with Rajasthan Royals claiming victory by a small score. However, the cost of this match was very high for me.

How Did the Match Go?

This was one Mumbai would be particularly disappointed with because they were in control of the chase going into the last six overs after Ishan Kishan and Tilak Varma hit half-centuries to leave them needing 65 off 36 with seven wickets in the shed. After that, though, they lost three wickets for two runs over the next seven balls against spin as the chase derailed.

Kieron Pollard kept hopes alive by biffing a few blows at the close, but an excellent penultimate over from Prasidh Krishna that went for just ten - no boundary was conceded - left Mumbai needing 29 off the final over. Mumbai just found one more boundary as Pollard kept finding the fielders before the match ended with Buttler fittingly taking a catch to remove him as Mumbai fell short by 23 runs.

Why Am I Upset About the Match?

The truth is I was betting on the game, yes, I know betting is wrong but it’s IPL, right? I lost such an important thing I can’t begin to tell you! I lost my favorite pair of headphones to Rehan and these were the latest Bluetooth headphone from Macmerise. The thing is Rehan keeps on telling me to bet and I keep on losing the bet to him. Just yesterday, I lost 2 of my Favourite Bluetooth speakers to him.

Bluetooth Headphones That I Lost to Rehan

Yes, I know it’s a pattern but I can’t control the urge to bet on it, I mean come on have you never looked at an upcoming IPL match and said to your friend, “Today KKR will win!”? The truth is we all bet on IPL because somewhere we connect with the team.

How To Find Out Which IPL Team Your Colleagues Support

Everyone bets on their favorite team in the office, and you can very easily identify who bets on who by looking at everyone’s phone cover. Yes, not the phone but the cover. You could see people who supported RCB and GT keeping their phone cases visible to let us all know they won the office pool.

Let People Know Who You Support

At this point you must be wondering where did we get these phone cases, right? Well, again it was Rehan who found out about this site called Macmerise and ordered a case for his winning team (trust me they will lose someday or other), such a show-off I tell you!

Well, if I am being honest the cases are actually pretty good, and Rehanis a good friend too but IPL gets us so competitive, right? If KKR loses another match to any team I am getting the same Macmerise case that Rehan has!

I Am Not Supposed to Tell You This, SHHH

Btw, I need to let you guys know I am not supposed to tell you all, about the IPL office pool at our firm but then I need a place to share my story and the Macmerise team was kind enough to let me write a blog here (I mean every time I lose a bet to Rehan they get a new order, so it’s only fair right?).

This is our secret guys!

Tomorrow it is again Rajasthan Royals going against Royal Challengers Bangalore and I am rubbing my phone case like it’s a magic genie, so pray for RCB and me because I just got my new headphones and I don’t want to lose them to someone else this time!

Yes, I want you to pray that I don’t lose the office pool, specifically to Rahul. While you are at it, let me drop a big question, who do you think will win the IPL this time?

Don’t comment here turn your phone around, let the back speak! I mean you must love your team enough to support them through merch, right?

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