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5 clear case design ideas that are popular over the internet

5 clear case design ideas that are popular over the internet

The purpose of using mobile cases is to protect your device from bumps, scratches, falls, and other damages. However, the clear cases lack something, and that is the style. Simplicity could be a choice for someone, but for those people wanting to add aesthetics to their clear covers, we have some popular clear case designs for you. The clear cases with designs make your phone look much cooler and unique. A clear case is a perfect base for any desired decoration you may want on your mobile phone. You can try out these design ideas to accentuate the beauty of your smartphone.

1. Cases with stickers

Stickers are the simplest way to decorate your mobile case. These are easy to put, and you can always change them according to the season. This case design is creative and does not require any artistic skills. You can deck up and personalize your mobile case with the stickers in trend. Try the idea of mixing stickers and arranging them creatively on the case. You can pick up the stickers that match and express your personality. You can also select stickers with fascinating textures, patterns, and slogans. A big sticker in the center of the case also completes the look of your phone.

2. Painted cases

Start with picking up your favorite colors, choose bright or calm colors as per your choice. It is the perfect time to take your glitters out and give your clear cases a gorgeous look. The nail paint resting on the shelf can also be bought for this use. The nail paint would be thick and shiny, which you can use for your cases. You can make fun patterns, designs, and your favorite characters with nail polish. Start by making a simple dot and line, you can show all your creativity and artistic skills on the case. Try the graffiti art with different colors and mixed patterns. Flowers always look good and bright with the nail paint, make a large flower on the case. Try to keep some free space so that the metal of the mobile is visible, and this will make your clear case endearing. Avoid using the colors of your phone on the case.

3. Photocards

Pictures are a great way to remind yourself of the memories by just having a glance at your mobile phone. Instead of stuffing money, cards, and other stuff in the case, you can sandwich your most favorite picture between the case and phone. With the clear cases, you can trim and keep photocards inside of the case, which will be visible at the back of your phone. Find a picture, you would like to see at most times. It could be your favorite celebrity, your pet, your mom, or anyone else. You do not have to use glue for sticking the pictures, just slide the picture in the case, and it will stick to the case. You can also put a squarely cut or perfectly fitting artwork in your phone case. Adding some glitter to your pictures will add some flair to the case.

4. Organic Flowers

It is one of the beautiful and organic ways to decorate the back of your mobile case. You can have your favorite flower right in front of your eyes whenever you want to see it. Pluck your favorite flower and press it with a heavyweight. You can also preserve the flower for some days between the pages of a book. Once the flower dried out, put it carefully inside of your clear case. Instead of one single flower, you can pluck a variety of flowers and put them neatly at the back of your cover. The mixed flowers with different colors and sizes would take anyone’s attention. Your clear case will have a stunning sight to behold. With the changing season, you can try out new flowers for your case.

5. Colored tapes

Colorful tapes, most commonly known as Washi Tapes, come in varied colors, patterns and easily stick on smooth surfaces. You can use these washi tapes to tweak the look of your clear mobile case. Try pasting the thin washi tape in a random pattern like vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. The thin strips of colored tapes with a bit of artistic talent can give an attractive look to your case. It is one of the coolest and hottest designs trending on the internet for mobile covers. Washi tapes provide a colorful and vibrant look to your mobile phone. Paste the washi tape while furnishing all the corners of the case, and cut those areas of strip covering the ports with a sharp knife or cutter. At an affordable price, you can make innovative designs for the case.


To keep our mobile phones out of the danger of falls and scratches, we wrap them with a case. The first case of our mobile phone is the transparent covers, for some people who prefer a clear case, it could be their choice. For others, who are willing to make their plain rather drab mobile cases a little attractive. You can find many cool designs over the internet for clear cases. These were the five most innovative and top designs for the clear cases. You can pick any design as per your choice of aesthetics and mobile suitability.

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