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Flaunt your gadgets like an Instagram influencer with those mobile back covers, wireless chargers, power banks, sticky pads etc. with inspirational quotes on them from India’s best online shopping store for gadget accessories. Explore the website for more designs!

Quotes Phone Cases & Covers – Slim & lightweight cases with inspirational quotes on them for different mobile brands like Apple, OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc which not only look cool but give the best protection to your phones.

Quotes Sticky Pads – The sticky pad can be used as a holder or stand for your device to make it hands-free so that you can multitask while watching videos.

Quotes Power BanksUniversal slim power banks with 10000mAh power & LED indicator for battery percentage and can be used to charge other devices apart from your phone.

Quotes Wireless Chargers – Slim Macmerise wireless chargers work with all Qi-compatible smartphones & provide up to 15W fast wireless charging.