Join The Brand Champions' Club with Macmerise To Kickstart Your Career

Brand Champion

If you exactly know the career path you wish you take, great. However if you are uncertain and want to explore opportunities, then our Brand Champion Program will let you learn and strengthen your skills while studying on Campus.

"Brand Champion" is an initiative where college students are chosen to manage and represent the brand Macmerise on the campus, to potential students and other people. While doing all of this, you will still end up having the most fun, we guarantee that !

The Crucial First Step

Back in 2012, when Sahil (our Founder) started Macmerise he was completing his Masters; so technically he was still a student. ›In 2013, Macmerise became the first brand in India to venture into Licensing for Gadget Accessories. What started from a guest room has now transpired to India’s largest Licensee and leading Tech Accessories Brand. Sometimes all you have to do, take that very First Step.

Brand Champions Be like

Part One: Be an entrepreneur

As a student Brand Champion at Macmerise, your job is to create awareness and deliver positive brand resonance among the student community. Engage in continuous conversations and innovative activities with the students on the campus. We at Macmerise believe in empowering our Champions to deliver tailor made marketing plans for your campus. ›In simpler words, make your job aspirational and something that these students look forward to become.

Part Two: Expand the Brand Eco System

Brand Champions should grow the brand profile through a dynamic mix of projects, contests and overall embody the Macmerise personality traits. We emphasize on two way communication, and encourage the Brand Champions to present student ideas and suggestion to the brand enhancing the synergies for both sides

Part Three: Best Work is Network

Network is so crucial and important that the word itself has work in it. Brand Champions are responsible for working with key individuals on the campus and bring their ideas to life. ›This platform enables champions from different states pan India to interact with each other and share ideas.

The Best Fits

The Best Fit Brand Champion would be students belonging to any educational stream, available at least 6 hours a week to work with us, should be aware of all the products available with Macmerise and extroverts who love networking and exploring new opportunities. They should be smart, hard working and quick learners, must be a Social Media Junkie, must love Marketing and Macmerise Products (in that order) and should have the zeal to learn and put in hard work to excel in career.

Why Should i Do this